String Instruction and Performance

Violin, Viola, and Piano

Wakefield Music

Wakefield Music provides expert instruction in violin, viola, and piano to children and adults age 5 and above. Pedagogical elements of many renound teachers such as Shinichi Suzuki, Paul Rolland, Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, and Bonnie Black are incorporated into the teaching of all students ensuring that students have fulfilling and enjoyable experiences making music. Fundamentals such as rhythm, note reading, theory, and physical awareness are incorporated into learning the instrument from the very first lesson.

Wakefield Music operates with two 17 week semesters and a separate summer program each year. In addition to the events listed below, students are given the opportunity to participate in other activities and support the community.  

Programs, Tuition, Fees

Every potential students gets a free introductory lesson.

Tuition is listed per semester. Sheet music, books, and practice charts are included in tuition. Additional lessons are available upon request. Limited scholarships are available to those who qualify. 

The instructional Program includes: 

17 private lessons
4 small group lessons
One community outreach event
One workshop/rehearsal
One recital

Lesson Choice of:
30 minute private (for ages 5 and under)
45 minute private lessons
60 minute private lessons

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

This optional program is a comprehensive program of musical development encompassing repertoire, technique, musicianship, and musical literacy. Students can take both practical and theory assessments, earning certificates of achievement for each assessment completed. Assessments take place in both winter and spring.

The Music Development Program is a comprehensive assessment and achievement system with built-in flexibility. Students, families, and teachers can set appropriate goals that reflect an individual student's needs while meeting the rigor and discipline of a national standard. Musical creativity, artistry, personal expression, and a love of music are fostered in the program. The comprehensive nature of The Music Development Program also supports life and learning skills needed for innovation in a global world: creative process, problem solving, discipline, self-regulated learning, and focus.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all lessons and be prepared at their lesson time. Students are allowed one make-up lesson per semester for an excused absence. Excused absences require at least 24 hours notice. In the event of wintry weather, please call the school and listen for an announcement on the phone system. 

Instrument Rental and purchase

Students may obtain rental violins and violas from Johnson String Instrument. Generally it is advised that students rent an instrument until they are ready for a full size violin/viola. Contact Dr. Lieber directly for information on instrument dealers and tips on what to look for in an instrument that will meet your budget and musical needs. For families in financial need, some limited sizes are available for rental through Wakefield Music. Please feel free to ask Dr. Lieber for details.