String Instruction and Performance

Wakefield Music

Practicing effectively is an important aspect of learning music and becoming a proficient musician. It can be an enjoyable experience when coupled with a positive practice routine.
1. Daily Practice is essential for musical growth and improves personal discipline.
2. Schedule practice sessions to have it become a part of your daily routine.
3. Keep sessions fun and engaging. For both students and parents, practice time should be interactive and creative. Ideas for practice are often discussed during lessons.
4. Go slow! Faster progress will be made by going slow. If there is a tricky part, take the time to slowly figure it out, then put it back in the piece.
5. Go backwards! My favorite way to practice...start with the last measure, play it slow until you can do it 3 times in a row with no stumbles, then go back one more measure. This way, you always have the satisfaction of getting to the end, and the beginning is not over played.
6.Review your notebook every week. Current and prior comments will deepen your understanding of your string performance and remind you of what tasks are important.